Video Intercom System

Watch, hear and speak to the person at your door

  • Snap a picture or record a video stream directly to your device at anytime and anywhere
  • 2-way live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from your mobile device, even without pressing the bell button at the door station
  • Record Live Video and Snapshots directly to your smart device
  • Multiple doorbells can be accessed together through our SentryLink or DoorDeer Apps


  • “Face-to-face” talk with visitors
  • Control your home access from anywhere


  • All-time monitoring & ringtone notification
  • Detect any motion cross over your property


  • Built-in weather-proof keypad
  • Generate one-time entry keycode for visitor 


Smart Intercom system for multi-family buildings

  • Easy

    • Easy setup on iOS or Android devices in minutes.
    • Remotely monitor callers and control entrance access using mobile devices.
  • Security

    • Start the 2-way live video and audio monitoring anytime on mobile devices.
    • Save snapshots and event logs to the cloud.
  • Clarity

    The dual-stream full-featured 1080 IP camera offers a 120-degree wide viewing angle with little distortion.

  • Convenient

    Create temporary virtual keycodes for guests or delivery personnel

  • Professional

    Manage your property info on the app: edit tenant lists, view event history and visitor activities via your phone.

  • Simple

    Installation requires just three connections; power, internet, and door lock connection, no disruption to individual suites.

WiFi IP Doorbell

Smart WiFi IP Doorbell for single residence

  • Easy to use

    • Use your smart devices to see, hear, and speak with visitors at your door.
    • One tap to lock/ unlock a door or gate.
    • Save snapshots and video streams anywhere, anytime.
  • Built with quality

    Dual-stream full-featured 1080P IP camera with clear night vision and wide angle.

  • Instant alert

    Send mobile alerts, videos, and snapshots to devices or Cloud.

Smart 4-wire

  • Easy to use

    Easy setup, connects to your smart device in minutes. Watch and converse with your visitors from your indoor monitor or smartphones, whether you are at home or abroad.

  • Lock/ Unlock

    Integrated SPDT relay can trigger a remote door lock or gate, unlock doors with any iOS/Android device.

  • Quality Material

    Premium aluminum alloy panel with brush finished silver, Waterproof, Anti-vandal and durable.