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  • EV-2

    Assignable Relay IP Module (GBF-EV16A)


    The GBF-EV16A is a control PCB with 16 assignable relays, most commonly used as an elevator controller. Multiple GBF SentryLink Door Stations and up to 2 GBF readers can be connected to the GBF-EV16A through RS-485 and/or network connections. Configuration is done through the GBF PMS webpage where the relays are assigned to the ‘Floor’ number in each tenant room and you can define a global activation time for the relays. Tenants can activate their assigned relay through the GBF APP to  grant access to the authorized floors programmed in the GBF PMS management system. GBF-EV16A modules can be stacked for applications requiring more than 16 relays.

  • STK001-Back Box-4

    GBF Flush-Mount Rough-in Back Box for GBF SentryLink Smart Video Door Station


    GBF Rough-in Back Box for GBF SentryLink Smart Video Door Station Only

  • Large Power Adapter (15V 4A)

    GBF High-Capacity Adjustable Power Adapter (15VDC, 4A)

  • MR880C4 (white)

    GBF Indoor Monitor MR880C4S (4 wire)


    This indoor monitor MR880C4S is for GBF smart 4 wire video doorbell intercom system for multi unit apartment. 

    -Tempered glass 

    – Touch button operation

    – Support Maximum 2 outdoor stations with 4 indoor monitors

    – Indoor phones can call each other

    – Release door

    – Adjustable Volume, brightness, color and contrast

    – 4-wire installation

    Display 7″ color TFT Screen
    Monitoring Timer 30 seconds
    Resolution 640*480
    Talk Timer 120  seconds
    Ringtone Timer 30 seconds ringing, 90 seconds waiting
    Power consumption <0.5W (standby), <10W (operation)
    Temperature -10°C~50°C
    Voltage output 12VDC, 1A
    Dimension 235*167*15 mm
    Installation Surface mounted
    N.W 600g
  • PL270C4-FRONT

    GBF Outdoor Station Unit GBF-PL270C4-1

  • PL591BC(1)

    GBF Outdoor Station Unit GBF-PL591BC4(1)

  • WIFI bridge

    GBF WiFi Bridge-Ubiquiti NanoStation loco M2 – Wireless Access Point – AirMax


    This pre-configured wifi bridge provides a dependable wireless ethernet link to our GBF Sentrylink smart video intercom STK002 and GBF 3rd Generation IP door station PL963PMPOE. The bridge system provides a hardwired ethernet cable connection to GBF smart video door stations with 150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput at distances up to 5km. Simple to connect as they are already configured to work as a dedicated bridge for your GBF components.

  • PL270C4 kit

    GBF-PL270C4-KIT (4 wire intercom system)


    The 4 wire video doorbell system  supports two-way voice communication and  door release functions. Unlock door with 7″ color indoor monitor. You can watch, hear and speak to the person at your door and unlock the door w with your indoor monitor.

  • pic-3

    GBF PL963M WiFi IP Door Station (without keypad).


    This Smart Video Doorbell System supports video, two-way voice communication, remote door release functions, and a comprehensive event log. You can watch, hear and speak to the person at your door, and unlock the door with your iOS/Android devices (iPhone, iPad, smart phones, and other mobile devices) or with an optional indoor monitor. Works anywhere your smart device can connect to the internet, via WiFi or 3G/4G connection. App and basic server service are all free to download and use. Some premium features (extended event log) require a subscription.

  • GBF-WiFi Door Station without keypad

    GBF PL963M WiFi IP Door Station Kit (One PL963M WiFi IP Door Station and one MR920 WiFi IP Indoor Monitor)

    • Our latest upgrade to the original GBF WiFi IP Doorbell
    • Event log of one day (one week with optional cloud subscription) can be retrieved through the App, with timeline and video clips that track all events occurring at the outdoor station (Ring-in, App unlock, Motion Detection).
    • Answer and view callers at your door remotely via your mobile iOS or Android device, whether you are at home or abroad. The WiFi IP Doorbell sends a push-notification and directly connects with your smart mobile devices. Easy setup, connects to your smart device in minutes. WiFi or Wired Ethernet connection. No ‘Cloud’ subscription or usage fees for primary features (cell phone carrier data plan fees would still apply)
    • Advanced Motion Detection can be easily programmed from the App with the ability to define the area of interest, sensitivity, and active time of day/days of week.
    • 2-way live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from your mobile device, even without pressing the bell button at the door station. Record Live Video and Snapshots directly to your smart device for local archiving. Multiple clients (smart devices) can be connected to a single IP Doorbell, Multiple doorbells can be accessed together through our free DoorDeer App.
    • Integrated dual-stream full-featured 1080P IP camera offers a 160 degree wide viewing angle with minimal optical distortion, ideal for viewing details at longer distances. Subject illumination LED’s allow for clearer visitor video in low light. Camera video can be directly accessed by ONVIF and RTSP Stream for integration with third-party devices e.g. NVR, third-party apps, etc.
    • Integrated SPDT relay can trigger your remote door lock or gate, which can be activated directly from your mobile device, and also with an optional push-to-exit button.
    • Internal normally-open dry-contact relay activates with the press of the ‘Bell’ button, allowing for device connection to any existing chime in your premises.
    • Premium Brushed Aluminum faceplate for durability. All-metal Back Box, Weatherproof IP55 rated construction. Always-on blue blacklight enables easy user operation in low light conditions. Requires 12VDC Power (adapter included) or can be powered through a wired Ethernet connection with our optional POE adapter. 1-year manufacturers warranty.
    • Integrates seamlessly with our GBF WiFi IP indoor monitor.