GBF Electronics Inc. was founded in 2014, our smart wifi video intercom is the first piece of smart home technology that property owner could see, talk, listen, unlock remotely through a mobile device. This offers an attractive and relatively inexpensive solution to make a house more marketable for property owners.

GBF smart video intercom is the solution for a smart access control system for multi-unit apartments, commercial office buildings, residential houses etc. GBF Electronics is a Canadian property technology company that specializes in smartphone-based access control. GBF products offerings include:

Smart wifi IP video intercom systems for single family house or office or warehouse entrance.

Smart video intercom for multi units apartment building with 2-1000 units.

Smart keypads that users can manage through a mobile application.

Our GBF smart professional video entry systems are simple and reliable…your smart home begins with your front door.

With a GBF Smart Video Intercom System, no matter where you travel, you are always at home and in control of your entry using your internet-connected smart device.

GBF Customer Support Contact:
Phone: 1-604-278 6896 or 1-604-285 8721
Email: info@gbfelectronics.com
URL: www.gbfelectronics.com