Distinctive Features

Top Reasons the GBF IP Doorbell Stands Out from the Competition

1. Motion Detection

The GBF IP Doorbell uses the same motion detection technology as you would find in high-security CCTV video surveillance systems. Using pixel-based triggering and up to four user-programmable areas of interest, false motion triggers are dramatically reduced. Our motion detection system easily outperforms other manufacturer’s infrared motion detection. Our motion detection and recording is incredibly fast. Never receive pictures of visitors ‘walking away’.


2. Customizable Alerts

Motion Detection or Bell button pushes can each be configured to do any or all of the following;

  • Send a short Email message.
  • Send a single or sequence of snapshots (the interval between snapshots is also programmable) from the GBF IP Doorbell camera as attachments to a specified Email address.
  • Record video to a user-configured FTP server.

These alerts can also each have up to two different scheduled ‘active’ periods a day.


3. Full-Featured and Accessible Dual-Stream H.264 IP Camera

  • The 720P HD Video feed can be watched and/or recorded on to a user-configured FTP Server and/or an NVR via industry standard RTSP or ONVIF connection protocols.
  • Check the Video at ANYTIME through your App. No need to wait for an alert.


4. All Metal Construction on ALL of our IP Doorbell Models

  • The hottest heat and the coldest frost will not warp, crack, or fade our Aluminum Alloy faceplate, and the GBF IP Doorbell will retain its fresh looks year after year.
  • All exposed surfaces are made of Aluminum Alloy and Galvanized Steel and are theft and vandal resistant. Thieves will not be able to simply twist a properly installed GBF IP Doorbell off of its mount.
  • Compare the weight of competing products to draw your own conclusions.


5. Integrated Access Control Keypad

  • Models PL960PM, PL960QPM, and PL961QPM all feature a keypad capable of storing up to 40 different codes. Ideal for allowing access to authorized guests through an automated gate without the need for them to ring the doorbell.

PL960QPM Keypad

6. 2-Year Limited Warranty

  • Our industry-leading warranty covers you against failures due to faults in materials and/or workmanship for a full 2 years. We have confidence in the engineering and build quality of our product. Therefore, so can you.

7. North America based Cloud Service

  • Your connection from the GBF IP Doorbell to your mobile device does not need to travel through overseas servers, and therefore it establishes a quick and secure connection with your visitor.

8. North America based Distribution and Tech Support

  • Our company is based on the west coast of Canada, and therefore logistics and technical assistance are timely and attentive.

9. WiFi or Hardwired Ethernet Capability with Optional POE

  • The all-metal construction of the GBF IP Doorbell requires the use of an external WiFi Antenna (included), but since the Antenna is not restricted by the enclosure cabinet, the WiFi connection distance and quality are dramatically improved.
  • Alternatively, our optional POE Adapter allows the GBF IP Doorbell to have internet connectivity and power from a single Ethernet (Cat5e or Cat6) cable.

10. Programmable Schedules

  • Schedule a ‘Do Not Disturb’ period during the day that will enable a good night’s rest without being interrupted by unwanted guests or pranksters. Both doorbell alerts and motion alerts can each have two different active time periods a day.

11. Programmable On-Screen Display

  • Content, colour, and location of information graphics can be customized to your needs. Customizable Name, Date, Time, Day-of-week, Frame/Bitrate, and Connection number can each be selected to be displayed in one of 5 colors (to accommodate different video backgrounds). The position of the information can also be altered so as not to obscure important aspects of the video picture.


12. Our App is not a Battery Sucker!

  • Our App uses very little phone power while in standby mode, and thus you will see little if any discernable difference in your mobile device’s battery life throughout the day.

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