GBF Electronics are specializing to provide fully custom intercom design and intercom system for all different customers needs from wifi IP doorbell intercom system to 4 wire multiple units apartment building intercom. Our customers are from different countries from Northern America, southern America to European, South Asia area etc.

We are listening our customers requirement and design fully custom intercom system for our customers to meet their different requirements. Our services cover the following area:

  1. From one entrance to two or three entrances intercom system, including fully custom intercom wiring diagram design and custom product design.
  2. Our multiple units apartment building intercom can cover from 2 units, 3 units, 4 units, 5 units, 6 units, 7 units, 8 units and up to 300 units.
  3. All intercom systems have indoor monitors and wifi skybox feature which allow customers to use their smart phones to watch, hear, speak and remotely unlock the gate.