Frequently Asked Questions for Global Wireless Video Door Phone PL960PM/PL960M

Q: Can it work on a local wifi without internet connection?

A: To realize all of the operational benefits of the GBF IP Doorbell it must have a connection through to the internet (World Wide Web). Connection between the GBF IP Doorbell and your router can be either through WiFi or via a hardwired ethernet cable.

Q: Is there any extra or hidden charges to access this doorbell on my mobile device?

A: There are no extra costs involved. Your mobile device will, however, use your data plan when not connected to WiFi, and thus your carrier data charges would apply.

Q: What kind of phone must I have?

A: Any smart phone using the IOS or Android operating system. Some examples are iPhone, Samsung, HTC, or Motorola mobile devices.

Q: How is this product different from sky bell and door bot regarding WiFi issues?

A: The GBF IP Doorbells use an external WiFi antenna. This enables the use of a higher gain antenna as the size is not restricted by the product case, as is the problem encountered by products with ‘built-in’ WiFi antennas. The high gain antenna can easily be hidden in the wall cavity behind the GBF IP Doorbell or mounted in a location anywhere the 5 foot antenna lead will allow.

Q: How many maximum user (phones) can be connected to this door phone?

A: The software allows for up to four concurrent connections, although the first mobile device to establish a connection (answer the doorbell) will have control of the conversation. The other users can connect and monitor both the picture and the conversation. We have not realized a practical limit to the number of mobile devices registered to a single IP Doorbell.

Q: Will any standard door lock will work with this system? I have a door lock which specification says : Working Voltage: 12 VDC, Required Power: 12W.

A: The GBF IP Doorbell will work with any electrical door lock or gate controller requiring either a normally open or normally closed relay contact closure for operation. The relay activation time can be programmed for any duration from 0 to 99 seconds. The relay contacts are rated for a maximum of 3 amps at 30VDC or 250VAC.

Q: Will this work in India?

A: Anywhere in the world. You may, however, require a different power adapter for some regions ( the IP Doorbell is supplied with an adapter capable of converting 100 – 240 Volt Mains power to the required 12VDC, 1A)

Q: Does it have a battery or works on external power supply? and how much volt power does it require?

A: The GBF IP Doorbell is supplied with an adapter capable of converting 100 – 240 Volt Mains power to the required 12VDC, 1A.

Q: Where can I download a user manual before buying?

A: The product manual is available for download from this website or at https://gbfelectronics.com/download-center/.

Q: Is the wireless capable of WPA or WPA2?

A: The WiFi connection can use both WPA or WPA2 security.

Q: What are the dimension of the panel and the size of cutout that is needed?

A: The dimension for the front panel is 8 1/4″ x 4 1/8″, the overall¬†depth for the product is 1 1/2″.

Q: Is this device powered by battery or does it need a door bell circuit?

A: The GBF IP Doorbell needs to be powered by either the supplied power adapter or by optionally using a POE adapter to supply the 12VDC. Connection to the existing doorbell circuit will, however, allow a push of the ‘Bell’ button to also activate your existing door chime.

Q: What material is the unit made of?

A: The front is 1/8″ thick aluminum alloy die-casting panel, the back box is made of galvanized metal. The all-metal construction makes our products durable and vandal resistant.

Q: What is the camera's maximum and minimum viewing angle?

A: The maximum viewing angle is 140 degree horizontally and about 110 degrees vertically. The camera is a 720P high definition IP camera. You can see detail clearly at a 30 foot distance.

Q: What is the minimum WiFi connection speed required?

A: The minimum upload WiFi speed required is 300 kbps for this device.

Q: How to get the two call button system, if it is come up as device 1 and device 2?

A: If you install two devices, you can add as device1 and device2. When someone pushes the call button, the system will show it is from device1 or device2.