GBF 3rd gen Skybox (Doordeer) for smart 4 wire doorbell Intercom System (MR263C4)


GBF Doordeer Skybox is the WiFi Smart IP Intercom System, the Doordeer SKYBOX is the solution that is able to convert most of traditional wired analogy intercom system into WiFi Smart IP intercom system. It can be connected with most of 4 wires single house intercom system or multi apartment intercom system. GBF Doordeer Skybox could be compatible with most of existing intercom systems which do not have WiFi IP functionalities and mobile services.

Powered by 12V DC power adapter or GBF POE adapter.


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  • Converts 4 Wire Intercom Systems to a Smart Device Accessible Doorbell System
  • In addition to your current intercom’s indoor monitor(s), answer and view callers at your door remotely via your mobile iOS or Android device, whether you are at home or abroad. Easy setup, connects to your smart device in minutes. WiFi or Wired Ethernet connection. No ‘Cloud’ subscription or usage fees (cell phone carrier data plan fees would still apply)
  • 2-way live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from your mobile device, even without pressing the bell button at the door station. Record Live Video and Snapshots directly to your smart device for archiving. Multiple clients (smart devices) can be connected to one SKYBOX, multiple SKYBOX’s and IP wireless video doorbells can be accessed together through our free Doordeer App
  • Door lock or gate of compatible intercom systems can be remotely unlocked through the Doordeer App
  • Built-in SD slot for local video storage. Record all video activities in this local SD card. Each tenant could use his or her smart phone to check all missing call video history remotely through Doordeer APP.
  • Powered by 12V DC power adapter, or POE adapter.
  • one-year manufacturers warranty

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 0.5 in


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