GBF WiFi IP Door Station Kit PL963PMPOE-Kit- Built in POE, Bulit in Two Unlocking Relays.


  • The IP wireless video doorbell directly connects with your smart phones and GBF wifi IP indoor monitor unit, easy setup, connects to your smart device and wireless indoor monitor in minutes, WiFi or Wired Ethernet connection, answer and view a caller at your door remotely via your mobile iOS or Android device and GBF wireless indoor monitor whether you are at home or abroad.
  • You can watch, hear and speak to the person at your door with your smart phones or tablets, snap a picture or record a video stream directly to your device at anytime and anywhere. 2-ways live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from your mobile device, even without a press of the bell button at the door station, record Live Video and Snapshots directly to your smart device, multiple doorbells can be accessed together through our free Doordeer App.
  • Integrated SPDT relay can trigger a remote door lock or gate, unlock door with IOS/Android devices (Iphone, Ipad and other smart phones), no matter where you are and what you are doing, you could always monitor your front yard and control your door security, the outdoor device could work with all different electric door locks or electric door strikers.
  • Integrated dual-stream full-featured 1080P IP camera.
  • Smart keypad can be configured by your smart phone at anytime from anywhere. Unlimited temporary access codes generated by your smart phone, you can set the temporary codes from one hour to 10 years.
  • Premium aluminum alloy panel with brush finished silver, Waterproof, Anti-vandal and durable, Built-in HD camera, Build-in speakers & Microphone, Snap & record, night vision, 110 degree wide viewing angle with no optical distortion, ideal for viewing details at longer distances, user programmable motion detection and mobile alerts.

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This is the product bundle which includes one GBF 3rd gen WIFI IP video doorbell with keypad PL963PMPOE and one GBF wifi IP indoor monitor MR920POE, this system supports two-way voice communication and remote door release function. Unlock door with IOS/Android devices (IPhone, IPad and other smart phones).

Main Features:

  1. Calling, intercom, unlocking, monitoring.
  2. In-call ringtone alert.
  3. Duplex way communication.
  4. Remote unlocking two different gates. Compatible with all different electrical locks, electrical strikes, and gate or garage door openers etc.
  5. Premium HD video.
  6. Snapshot & video record.
  7. Support Android/iOS devices.
  8. Wi-Fi enabled or Ethernet RJ45 connector.
  9. Motion detection feature
  10. Able to work with exit push button and other indoor chime devices.
  11. Keypad is configured by your smart phone at anytime from anywhere
  12. Unlimited temporary access codes generated by your smart phone, you can set the temporary codes from one hour to 10 years.
  13. GBF wifi IP indoor monitor can be moved to any room in your house. Multiple wifi IP indoor monitors could be easily added to this system. Each indoor monitor could communicate with each other.


  1. Both outdoor station and indoor monitor have a POE built in.
  2. Outdoor station has two unlocking relays built-in.
  3. Built-in HD 1080P camera, crystal clear image.
  4. Built-in speaker & microphone.
  5. Aluminum alloy panel, brush finished silver, waterproof, anti-vandal and durable.

Package includes:

  1. GBF 3rd Gen WIFI Doorbell with keypad PL963PMPOE 1pcs
  2. Power adapter 2 pcs
  3. WIFI Antenna 1pcs
  4. RJ45 cable connector 1pcs
  5. User manual
  6. Mounting screws
  7. Indoor chime connecting wire
  8.  GBF wifi IP indoor monitor MR920POE 1 pcs

Additional information

Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 4.3 x 1.9 in


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