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  • I bought this unit almost a year ago because it seemed to be (and I think it still is) the only one available with every one of my requirements: IP based, iPhone notifications, video, 2-way audio, ability to unlock the door from anywhere in the world, motion sensor, WiFi/Ethernet options, keypad code entry, optional doorbell, switch, etc. The unit arrived quickly and well packaged. It has all the cables you need, plus some more. It’s solidly built and it looks perfectly ready to withstand the worst weather. The metal case should have been a little bigger to let room for the cables in the back, but you can make it work as it is. And when first hooked up, the 720 HD video signal is sharp and clear.

  • Very good product, it is very easy to configure and make it up running. Now I am able to operate and respond to my door bell even sitting far away from my home. The camera picture is very good quality even at night. The customer support is very quick and responsive, they are very very helpful. Thanks Support team.

  • Received the unit and was impressed by its physical appearance and construction, much better than expected. I put the unit close to my router an set it up to test it's functionality. After a couple of attempts, I had it working.

  • It’s solid and versatile. It has everything you can ask for in an IP camera (rtsp streaming, onvif, NVR-ready, etc) plus the added benefit of being able to watch and talk to a visitor, unlock the door from anywhere, get motion alarm alerts through email or ftp, and even allow entry through a simple numeric code in the keypad. You can let someone in with a code and then immediately change it in the app so it no longer works. It might not be the most modern looking, but it’s certainly the most flexible. Just make sure you get the upgraded firmware.

  • Works great. We just installed it at our front driveway gate to control access and provide video calling. It's about 75 ft from the house and we didn't need to hardwire ethernet. The WiFi works just fine. Slight delay in audio but to be expected for our application. I'm really happy with this product.

  • Love it...arrived fast!! The unit packaging was terrific. The camera/door lock worked great, I have tried others and they did not work as described . The unit was easy to install. Unlocking door feature and remote access worked as promised. You can even configure it to e-mail you a picture when someone comes to the door, and enables you to answer and unlock even when you are not home. The camera pictures are very clear. You can also log into the camera via you PC and view and configure the unit...A big plus was their great customer service that answers any questions quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended this product and very happy with purchase!

  • I never write reviews but this thing is awesome. Works perfect. Thanks!

  • We are still enjoying our incredible device. Easy simple & what great protection & control.

  • My kids like to press the call button when they miss me and want to talk with me while I am outside. It is a very good product!

  • Item exactly as described...product is made of high quality material...I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

  • Pretty nice product. We use this in my daycare for visitors without an access code. The sellers were very accessible and helpful with installing this products. The camera works great with our tablets and it helps to keep our daycare secure.

  • This product works well as advertised. I like the brushed aluminum front plate...customer service was responsive and stayed in touch with me by phone and email until I was satisfied. I am very happy with my purchase.

  • All the right features and the right support team to back it all up! Highly recommended product for build quality, features and support.


Q: What kind of phone must I have?

A: Any smart phone using the IOS or Android operating system. Some examples are iPhone, Samsung, HTC, or Motorola mobile devices.

Q: How is this product different from skybell and doorbot regarding WiFi issues?

A: The GBF IP Doorbells use an external WiFi antenna. This enables the use of a higher gain antenna as the size is not restricted by the product case, as is the problem encountered by products with ‘built-in’ WiFi antennas. The high gain antenna can easily be hidden in the wall cavity behind the GBF IP Doorbell or mounted in a location anywhere the 5 foot antenna lead will allow.

Q: How many maximum users (phones) can be connected to this door phone?

A: The software allows for up to four concurrent connections, although the first mobile device to establish a connection (answer the doorbell) will have control of the conversation. The other users can connect and monitor both the picture and the conversation. We have not realized a practical limit to the number of mobile devices registered to a single IP Doorbell.

Q: Will any standard door lock will work with this system? I have a door lock which specification says : Working Voltage: 12 VDC, Required Power: 12W.

A: The GBF IP Doorbell will work with any electrical door lock or gate controller requiring either a normally open or normally closed relay contact closure for operation. The relay activation time can be programmed for any duration from 0 to 99 seconds. The relay contacts are rated for a maximum of 3 amps at 30VDC or 250VAC.