GBF-Sentrylink Intercom


GBF SentryLink System- How it works

Expandable Smart Intercom for
2 to 1000 Tenant Facilities

The easiest way for tenants to be alerted and view callers at your door remotely via mobile iOS or Android devices, anywhere. Easy setup to your smart device in minutes. Open and manage two different doors via smart phones, access codes, keyfobs, or keycards.

Flexible User Interface

2-way live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from mobile devices, even without front door initiation. Record live video & snapshots directly to individual smart devices for archiving. Multiple clients (smart devices) can be accessed together on the GBF SentryLink App.

Maximize Viewing Visitors
with the great camera resolution

Integrated dual-stream full-featured 1080P IP camera offers a 120 degree wide viewing angle with no optical distortion, ideal for viewing details at longer distances.

Tenants can give special individual
access to friends or delivery personnel

Provide Guests or Delivery Personnel with Virtual key codes for entry. Tenants can create time and door specific codes at any time using the App on their mobile device…

Cloud-based Property Management
& Tenant Event Tracking

Integrates with popular property management software with features including editing tenant list & room info remotely. Tenants can view event history, visitor images & activities via their smart phone

10" Touch Screen

Solid build and clean appearance integrates seamlessly into any building design. Install as a standard surface-mount or flush-mount stand-alone door station, or install it with a contractor-created custom mounting method.