Smart 4-wire and 2 wire

Smart 4-wire and 2 wire

  • Feature 1

    Easy setup, connects to your smart device in minutes, WiFi or Wired Ethernet connection. Watch, speak and talk with your visitors from your indoor monitor or remotely via your mobile iOS or Android device, whether you are at home or abroad.

  • Feature 2

    You can watch, hear and speak to the person at your door with your smart phones or tablets.

  • Feature 3

    Integrated SPDT relay can trigger a remote door lock or gate, unlock door with IOS/Android devices (Iphone, Ipad and other smart phones).

  • Feature 4

    Premium aluminum alloy panel or Stainless Steel Panel with brush finished silver, Waterproof, Anti-vandal and durable.

  • Feature 5

    Outdoor station surface mounted. Working Temperature: -25℃~65℃. Indoor monitor has SD recording function to record all visitor pictures.