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  • PL960TPM Front

    GBF 4 wire outdoor station PL960C4TPM


    GBF smart 4 wire outdoor station  supports two-way voice communication and remote door release functions. You can watch, hear and speak to the person at your door, and unlock the door with your iOS/Android devices (iPhone, iPad, smart phones, and other mobile devices), with the integrated blue light sensor keypad, or with an optional indoor monitor. Works anywhere your smart device can connect to the internet, via WiFi or 3G/4G connection. App and server service are all free to download and use for all end users.

  • GBF-AC230-2

    GBF Digital Access Keypad- Sealed Housing Weatherproof w/ Built-In Proximity Reader

  • PL270C4-FRONT

    GBF outdoor station unit GBF-PL270C4-1

  • Power Adapter

    GBF Power Adapter (12V, 1A)

  • 12V 4A Power Supply-3

    GBF Power Adapter with 4 outputs (12V, 4A)


    GBF-Skybox, WiFi Intercom System


    GBF-Skybox is the WiFi IP Intercom System, the SKYBOX is the solution that is able to convert most of traditional wired analogy intercom system into WiFi IP intercom system. It can be connected with most of 4 wires single house intercom system or multi apartment intercom system. GBF-Skybox could be compatible with most of existing intercom systems which do not have WiFi IP functionalities and mobile services.


  • MR901-01

    GBF WiFI Android Indoor Monitor MR910A1


    MR910A1 WiFi Indoor Monitor for GBF smart outdoor station for single family and multi units apartment building

    – Receiving a Call from the Outdoor Station:
    – Monitoring the Outdoor Station(s)

    – Unlocking the electrical lock:

    – Managing images:

    – Recording videos:

  • MR920-2

    GBF WiFI IP Indoor Monitor MR920


    MR920 WiFi Indoor Monitor for GBF SentryLink Smart Video Intercom System or GBF third generation IP doorbell intercom system.

    The GBF IP Video Indoor Monitor is an ideal addition to any GBF smart video doorbell system. When paired with our GBF IP Video Door Intercom, the Indoor Monitor delivers a live video stream, two-way audio communication as well as control of doors and gates. The Indoor Monitor is compact and designed to complement any environment. The GBF Indoor Monitor has a 7″ touch screen made of scratch-resistant tempered  glass with intuitive user interface.

    This IP indoor monitor can connect to the network via WiFi or a network cable. Should the Internet fail, all functions continue to operate within the local network. Once on the Internet, the Indoor Monitor can connect you to all your GBF Door Intercoms – anywhere in the world. Multiple indoor monitors could be connected with one or multiple GBF outdoor stations.

  • GBF WiFi Antenna

    GBF Replacement WiFi Antenna


    GBF Replacement WiFi Antenna for PL960 and PL270 Series IP Doorbells (price includes shipping to continental U.S.)

  • poe adapter

    GBF PoE Adapter


    GBF PoE Adapter for PL960/PL270 Series IP Doorbells.